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Call Us Today!
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Specialized Landscape Services

Landscape Design Services. Landscape designs can be as simple as a sketch on a piece of paper or a full scale rendering of your property. This service is offered for landscape projects that we install.
Consulting Service. We offer a consulting service for all of your landscape needs. With over 17 years of landscaping experience, I have dealt with various landscape questions and concerns. I have worked through challenges in landscapes my entire career and love to fix an issue. It has been my experience that many problems with landscapes can be corrected once the initial limiting factor is defined and a plan to correct is in place.
Pathology Service. We work closely with a local pathology lab diagnosing plant disease. Many plant and turf-related diseases cause problems in our area. I can help relieve the headaches through my many years of experience and have put together a plan to control and correct issues.
Bio-nutritional applications. Bio-nutritional products are available that help by adding the beneficial bacteria, fungi and enzymes that our landscapes need. These products are designed to mimic healthy ecosystems that mother nature naturally supplies in the wild. These products can help lawns and plants grow better and improve soil conditions by using biology rather than chemistry. It’s a smart way of solving problems in your lawn.
Soil Testing. The soils in our area are normally clay-based. They can provide nutrients and solid foundations for plant growth, but it is common that a deficiency can occur. Soil testing supplies the information about soil PH and the key nutrients available to your plants. Having your soil tested will allow me to know what type of fertilizers to use, if lime is needed to correct the ph as well as provide me with information on how available the nutrients are to your landscape.
Growth Regulators. Growth regulators are used to help decrease the need for mowing and pruning. Sometimes the cost to prune or mow is prohibitive, and it saves time and resources to slow the growth.
Moisture managers. We have the ability to apply wetting agents to lawns relieving the symptoms of occasional drought. Some conditions in lawns are a direct result of the soil not accepting water, which is called hydrophobia. This is common when soils dry out under the canopy of large trees.
Outdoor Lighting. Low voltage LED lighting is a safe way to enhance your property. Outdoor lighting also adds great curb appeal at night.
Hardscape Installation. Paver walkways and patios can really make for nice areas in landscapes. Stone walls and water features are also available.

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